Converters AE-V922

Converter for basic applications 0.75...400 kW

General characteristics:

The frequency converter of the AE-V922 series is designed for regulating electric drives with a three-phase asynchronous motor with a power from 0.75 to 400 kW.
This converter is reliable and easy to maintain, integrates well into automation systems, and perfectly meets the requirements for regulated electric drives of industrial mechanisms.

— Input voltage (v) AC 3-phase 380v±20%/AC 3-phase 220v±20%
– Input frequency (Hz) 47 ~ 63 Hz
– Output frequency (Hz) 0 ~ 500 Hz
– V/f control mode, sensorless vector control
– Speed control accuracy ±0. 2% (sensorless vector control)
– Oscillation speed ±0. 3% (sensorless vector control)
– Torque
– torque control accuracy 10% (sensorless vector control)
– Starting torque. Asynchronous motor: 0.25 Hz/150% (sensorless vector control)
– Overload capacity – 150% of rated current: 1 minute
– Overload protection possible 180% of rated current:
– Simple PLC
– PID adjustment controller, jog setting
– RS485 communication port, Modbus

The inverter software provides many different configuration options, which allows you to meet the requirements for the control system of a specific installation if necessary

  • Sensorless vector control
  • A complete set of engine protection
  • Built-in PLC
  • PID regulation
  • DC braking.


  • Conveyors
  • Centrifuges, packaging equipment
  • Water treatment and purification systems
  • Compressors
  • Winding mechanisms
  • Mechanisms of rolling mills
  • Textile machines
  • Printing lines and mechanisms

Instructions from operation