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AE-technolgy vector and scalar frequency converters have high performance characteristics thanks to the use of the latest control algorithms and allow controlling synchronous or asynchronous motors with high precision. AE-technolgy's universal transducers are designed for use with pumps, fans, lifting equipment and other applications. AE-technolgy frequency converters are adapted to different production conditions, such as temperature and air humidity, dustiness of premises and quality of power supply systems.

Using AE-technology converters

Pumps and fans
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Lifting mechanisms
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Other mechanisms
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Why AE-technology

Excellent value for money. A complete set of indicators for a reasonable price.

Models of different power. From 0.2 to 800 kW. In different versions.

Reliable converters with decent service.

Where to buy

You can get technical advice and purchase AE-technology equipment by contacting AE-technology partners in your country.

Partner program

We offer favorable terms of cooperation that ensure the dynamic growth of your business and its stable development.

Technical support

We provide consulting assistance regarding the application of our converters, their operating conditions and features of use

On issues of cooperation.

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