Universal transmitter AE-V81 Series Frequency

AE-V81 easy to purchase, install, configure and operate. It can significantly reduce the time of commissioning and servicing the drive. Converters Series AE-V81 are high-tech devices and meet all requirements for speed and torque control of induction motors. The inverter is suitable for both users first encounter with the drive, and installers, engineering companies, system integrators, panel equipment manufacturers.

Converters AE-V81 available for motors from 0.75 to 400 kW at 380 V

The introduction of new IGBT modules allowed for a nominal switching frequency of 12 kHz without overheating of the power unit. In combination with the noise reduction function (the modulation of “white noise”), it provides a quiet engine operation throughout the regulation range. New control algorithms contribute to significant energy savings. This activation of “energy saving” function provides additional economic benefits and reduces motor heating in the range of low rotational speeds. The progressive circuit solutions have reduced the cost of the converter and power consumption, simplified the process of adjustment and maintenance without compromising the comfort of end users.

Distinctive features:

  • reliable operation in challenging environments
  • embedded controller for local control tasks
  • energy savings in all operating modes
  • Easy adjustment and commissioning
  • capacity up to 15kW inverters are equipped with an integrated brake module
  • Management and communication:
    Configuration settings may be performed directly from the operation panel or a computer. The panel can be mounted on the cabinet door or imposed on the control panel.

Areas of use:
AE-V81 are particularly suitable for use as a universal transmitter for any processes in industry

  • automobile production
  • textile industry
  • Conveying Equipment
  • conveyor systems, bucket elevators
  • printing mach


  • automobile production
  • textile industry
  • Conveying Equipment
  • conveyor systems, bucket elevators
  • printing machines
  • chemical production
  • metalworking
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